Dance Lessons

Group Lessons

All formal attendees are required to take group dance lessons before the actual event. Dance classes are offered at various levels and cover a variety of line dances as well as popular partner dances.  These are a great opportunity to sharpen your skills in social dancing, meet new friends, and have some fun!  Our wonderful dance instructor, Valerie Ryan, has taught classes for the Christian Home School Formal since its creation and is committed to making it a fun and educational experience for each student. 


All music is chosen before the event and pre-screened for appropriate lyrics and how well it fits our various dance styles: salsa, tango, two-step, etc. Music is chosen from a variety of genres and time periods.  Students are welcome to make music suggestions before the event!

A list of dance steps and styles taught and songs used during dance classes can be found HERE.

Dance Class Information:

Location: Austin Uptown Dance Studio

8868 Research Blvd #706, Austin, TX 78758

Dance tuition must be paid in full before you are assigned to a dance class.  We will assign students to specific classes on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. Because space is limited in each class, we cannot guarantee you your first choice of dance class day/time.

Dance Class Dates for 2021:
(Note: We will NOT take a weekend off for Spring Break this year. No classes will take place on Easter weekend.)

  • February 26-27
  • March 5-6
  • March 12-13
  • March 19-20
  • March 26-27

In the case of a student absence, make-up classes are required.

Lesson Types and Overview

Beginner Class

This class is ideal for students who are attending the Formal for the first time, or who want to gain confidence in their skills. Class size will be limited and girl/boy ratios will be closely balanced. Instruction will be slow and methodical, with an emphasis on repetition. More experienced students are welcome, but all students registered for this class are expected to attend the same class at the same time EVERY WEEK.

  • Ideal for first-time attendees
  • Good for building confidence
  • Attend the same time every week

Friday Beginner 1:30-3pm


Flex Classes:

These are for students with busy schedules, who may need to miss class on some weekends and double up on classes other weekends. Students of various skill levels are welcome in these classes, making it ideal for siblings or friends to carpool. Because attendance levels will vary from week to week, girl/boy ratios will not be balanced, and students will need to take turns dancing. All the basic dance steps will be taught and reviewed.

  • Best for busy students who may need to attend class at different times from week to week
  • Students of any skill level are welcome
  • Great for carpools and siblings


Flex A

Flex B



Flex C


Flex D

Advanced Dance Class:

This is for students who have attended the Formal at least once before and who want to learn more advanced dance moves. Enrollment will be strictly limited and girl/boy ratios will be carefully balanced. Students will be expected to attend the same class at the same time every week.

  • For students who have attended the Formal at least once before
  • For students who want to learn more advanced dance moves
  • Attend the same time every week

Due to the attendance limit this year, there will be no Advanced Class

Senior Refresher Dance Lesson:

A 3-hour refresher class for seniors who are attending the Formal for the fourth or fifth time. We will check our records to make sure that everyone who registers for this option is eligible. Choose ONE of these times to attend:

Friday, March 19 3pm-6pm

Saturday, March 20 10:30am-1:30pm

Friday, March 26 3pm-6pm

Saturday, March 27 10:30am-1:30pm

$65 for Beginner or Flex Classes
$25 for Senior Refresher ONLY