Questions at the Event

Q: “When do I check-in at the event, and what do I need?”

Check-in begins at 5:15pm and lasts until 6:45, when the ballroom will open for seating. We recommend arriving early to allow plenty of time for mingling and pictures with friends. Please check-in with the chaperones at the tables immediately as you arrive at the venue.  Please bring a photo ID to the Formal so that we can match you with the photo in your profile.  All checked in students will be entered in our Door Prize Giveaway automatically.

Q: “What if I have a problem with my dress during the Formal?”

The chaperones are equipped with temporary slips, shawls, dress tape, safety pins, bobby pins, deodorant and other dress emergency supplies.

Q: “What if I have a blister or a minor cut at the Formal?”

Though rare, both of these things and more have happened at the formal. Please see one of the chaperones as soon as the problem arises. They are equipped with First Aid kits which include bandages, Neosporin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc.

Q: “What if I am feeling sick at the Formal?”

If you are ill and need someone to pick you up, we will call and arrange the ride and a pick-up location. If you are able to drive yourself home, we will contact your parents so they know you are leaving and to expect you.

No student may leave the formal without notice, and no students will be allowed to return after leaving.

Q: “Can I find out ahead of time where I am seated?”

We will not reveal seating arrangements until the evening of the formal.  No one will be allowed in the ballroom (except volunteers and chaperones) before dinner starts. No exceptions!

Due to dietary restrictions of each student, you may not change your seating assignment even to sit at a different place at the same table.

Q: “Can I special request a song to play during the dance?”

Students may make music suggestions before the event.  All music suggestions will be screened before approved by the administrators and the dance instructor.

Q: “How to I purchase pictures taken by the photographer?”

The Coordinators will provide information about how to order photographs. Normally, a link is sent soon after the Formal which you can use to view and purchase any of the pictures taken at the event.

Q: “Can I take pictures of my son/daughter at the event?”

Plan to drop your student off, come early, and take pictures on the grounds. You are also free to hang out with your student during check-in, before the Formal begins. We do ask that you leave younger children and students at home if you are planning to stay and take pictures. We kindly ask that all parents who are not chaperones leave the venue before the dinner starts.  No parents are allowed upstairs on the ballroom floor.

Q: “I am a parent, and can I discreetly watch the dance for a few minutes?”

Parents are allowed to come upstairs to see the Senior Table photos in the pre-function area starting at 11:30pm. Parents will be admitted to the ballroom at 11:45 pm if you wish to do so. Please follow these guidelines (no exceptions):

  1. Be courteous to the chaperones who have worked all night, they are there for the safety of all students
  2. Please remain at the perimeter of the room, you may take pictures from the sidelines
  3. Be respectful to your student’s dance partner, do not approach your student until the last dance is over

Q: “Can I dance the last dance with my son/daughter? Even if this is his/her senior year?”

We are sorry, but we cannot accommodate parents who want to dance a last dance with their students.