Questions About the Waitlist

Q: “May I sign up for the waitlist early to get ahead of everyone?”

All sign-ups before the appropriate session begins will be cancelled.  No exceptions.

Q: “Why is there a waitlist if I registered on time?”

In order for the formal to be fun for everyone, we need a fairly close number of guys and girls at the event. We can’t make dance cards otherwise!

In the past, girls have tended to register early, and guys have tended to register late. All students are put on the waitlist at the time of their registration. As guys and girls register in comparable numbers, we will move you off the waitlist and send you a link to submit your online payment.  We do allow more girls to attend than guys, but we have a predetermined ratio to make sure the difference is not too great.

If we do not receive your payment in a timely manner, your name will be returned to the waitlist to make room for others to be confirmed. You will have to wait for another email with payment link in order to be confirmed. Your registration is not complete until payment has been received.

We know it is stressful for girls to wait for confirmation when they are ready to start shopping for a dress, so we do everything we can to promote the event throughout the Austin area homeschool community.

mWe are thrilled at how well this event has been received by the homeschool community, but we cannot accommodate everyone. In order to preserve the quality of the experience for all attendees, we need to enforce guy/girl ratios and attendance limits. Your best bet is to register as soon as your session opens and then respond promptly with payment as soon as we send you a link.

Q: “I registered and was placed on the waitlist, but have not heard anything. Do you know when I will be confirmed a seat?”

The procedure to confirm seats at the formal is that for every boy that is confirmed a girl is then confirmed as well. Each year we have more girls who register as soon as registration is open than boys. Because of this, girls may be confirmed at what seems like a very slow pace. Please know that we have record of when your student registered and he/she will stay in that place until we have the proper boy/girl ratio to confirm her. In 2019, registration for guys and girls was full by February 14. Waitlists will be maintained until March 1, in the case that other students cancel and spaces open up.

Q: “How do I get my name off the waitlist?”

If we have sent you an email confirming your registration and asking for payment, the surest way to get your name off the waitlist is to pay the registration fee promptly!

You can also help by spreading the word about the Christian Homeschool Formal, especially to guys who may not know about the event, and who you think would enjoy it. (Historically, we have always had more girls register than boys, so we have needed more boys in order to remove girls from the waitlist.) Word of mouth is the best advertising!

Q: “Can a boy name a girl to get her off the waitlist?”

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD. Psalm 27:14

In the past, we allowed boys to name a girl they’d like to have taken off the waitlist. We have discontinued this practice, because we felt it was unfair to homeschooled girls who registered on time but perhaps weren’t as well-connected within the homeschool community.

Q: “I just received an email that I was put back on the waitlist, why?”

Because the Formal is designed with dance cards in mind, a comparable number of boy/girl ratio is essential to ensure the success of the event.  Therefore, if you do not submit payment for the formal registration fee within 48 hours of receiving the payment notification email, the student’s name will move to the bottom of the Waiting List, and you will have to wait until a spot opens up again to complete your registration.